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X.N Interlink Construction Ltd
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Interlink Construction & Development is a full-service, design & build Construction Company offering construction experience, design development & execution, and customer service within the time frames set by our customers. With the experience of over 25 years in the development sector, we understand the needs of the changing world and develop properties targeted toward the fast-track cosmopolitan dweller. Our operations cover residential & commercial developments in some of the most prime locations in Limassol. The thorough knowledge of the market made it easy to establish competitive advantages over its competitors. Also, our company’s experience in the International Development business has aided us in setting standards as high as those in more advanced countries.


As a dynamic organization, Interlink Group believes that thinking differently plays a large role in revolutionizing property development and construction. Being the pioneers of innovative real estate development in Limassol, we believe in delivering comprehensive, integrated, value-generating assets to address the changing needs of our customers in modern-day living.

Our vision is a “futuristic experience” that allows us to bridge the gap between technology and people in all our developments. If yesterday’s benchmarks are today’s minimum standards, The Interlink Group surpasses this norm by creating tomorrow’s experiences in its projects where technological innovation is one part of the equation, and global standards of quality and service are the other. The concept of Interlink is formed by a combination of three fundamental factors; investing in the acquisition of prime locations, building developments of exceptional design, and setting high-quality standards.

Interlink’s in-house architectural, design & project management departments occupy qualified experts with extended knowledge in the field, who are consistently updated with the latest building and technological advancements. What makes Interlink even more competitive in the development of a construction company that secures the high-quality standards set by the management and access to building materials by being an associate in one of the largest trading companies of building materials on the island, the D. Nicolaou Group.

The combination of an in-house team of experts, a Construction Company, and access to building materials make Interlink one of the most competitive companies in Limassol, with a considerable stake in the market, and a promiscuous future.

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