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RE/MAX Cyprus is part of the #1 Real Estate Network Worldwide

XN Group is the Franchisor of the No.1 Real Estate Franchise Network in the world for the Republic of Cyprus. RE/MAX Cyprus was established in Cyprus in 2016, and it has rapidly expanded since then to now have a presence all over Cyprus. The principles and pillars of RE/MAX are:

  1. Global brand name awareness

  2. Extensive advertising

  3. On-demand education

  4. Global referral network

  5. Powerful lead-generation tools

  6. Leading-edge technology

  7. Cause-marketing initiatives

RE/MAX Cyprus envisions to take over the highest market share on the island and provide the highest level of real estate services, therefore it is looking to further expand its network by partnering with well-esteemed real estate agents who wish to join the Global Leader in Real Estate.


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